Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Consistently regarded as one of the top health, safety, security & environment
in the industry.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

IPM have been consistently recognised and acknowledged as one of the leaders in the HSSE in the construction field. IPM have received numerous accolades for HSSE including the Shell Batho Pele award for outstanding achievements in HSSE.

Our aim is to actively assist the team in managing the clients HSSE policy in order to reduce risks during construction. This active roll helps to reduce incidents and injuries and assists the team to achieve legal compliance. The contractors are managed so that they can integrate their own health and safety policies into the clients overall HSSE plan for the project.

The following health and safety targets have been applied on all our projects:

  • Develop HSSE Culture via a proactive approach to health and safety by the construction management team.
  • That safe working will be a condition of employment in all contractors’ organisations.
  • The achievement of an incident-free project, as far as possible, with the prevention of all incidents, and the achievement of a nil “lost time injury” rate.
  • Obtain the workforce’s co-operation in ensuring that health and safety is everybody’s responsibility.
  • To ensure that the highest standards of health and safety performance are achieved.

The aim of our policy is to ensure that health and safety management will be planned into the work undertaken by the any contractor to achieve the following:

  • To put into practical effect the commitment made by the contractor in their own health and safety policy statements.
  • To ensure that, where necessary, the changes in attitude of all those involved with the project take place. The result should be the acceptance of responsibility towards the health and safety objectives by the entire team.

We recommend the development of further good health and safety management practices as follows:

  • Construction Readiness Review – CRR
  • Design Risk Assessment – DRA
  • Method Statements
  • Lifting Plans
  • Site audits by qualified HSSE consultant
  • PTW systems
  • Implement Hot work guidelines
  • Implement HSSE Passport system
  • High risk activity trackers
  • Share learnings from PI/NM’s trends
  • Site safety induction systems
  • Toolbox talks
  • Peer to peer coaching and best practices
  • Promote innovation in HSSE – Reward & recognition
  • PPE Standards